Two Ways to Learn Logic:

Logic Pro X Cert. Classes
These three-day Apple Certification courses are for students who want to get Apple-Certified.  They provide thorough preparation for Apples’ Logic End-User certification exams.
However, If you simply want to learn Logic and not get certified, these classes offer you al the tools, tips and tricks you need to be a Logic master.
Logic Pro X One-on-Ones
What better way is there to learn Logic then private lessons with the best Logic instructors in the business?
We help you master Logic while at the same time optimizing it to your workflow and specific studio setup.
If you are interested customizing Logic, developing your own most effective workflow, digging deep into specific areas, and making the most efficient and targeted use of your training time, private lessons are the way to go.


About Mac Audio Trainers:

Learn Logic in New York City with Steve H and Jon Perl. 
We are Apple Certified Logic Trainers whose singular focus is Apple's Logic.
No Final Cut, iMovie or Pro Tools.... Just Logic.  Logic taught by renowned Apple Certified instructors Steve Horelick and Jonathan Perl in our surround-sound classroom at Future Media Concepts in lower Manhattan.
If your switching from another DAW, we'll help you make the transition. If you're new to audio/midi production we'll get you making music fast. If you're already a Logic professional, we will share with you some advanced techniques and tips and tricks that will open your ears and turn you into a power user! 
Whether you're a beginner or a pro, master Logic with Mac Audio Trainers.  We also host the New York Logic Pro Users Group (NYLPUG) to keep you informed and involved in the Logic community.